Our partnership with Welthungerhilfe







Xavier David is committed to its partnership and always in contact with Welthungerhilfe. The projects we commit to are always in tune with our values, helping disadvantaged people to access the kind of knowledge that epitomises our brand.

Last year, Xavier David supported Welthungerhilfe’s mission in Bolivia teaching people to live off making cheese. This year, in combination with the launch of its deli product range, Xavier David is supporting Welthungerhilfe in its mission in Tajikistan.  Here people learn how to use local resources to survive. The charity teaches how to dry fruit and make honey…

Clearly there is a correlation between the products sold as part of our Xavier David range and the projects in which we get involved with Welthungerhilfe. It isn’t just a coincidence and it requires real commitment on both our parts. Our collaboration with the charity is constantly evolving and we are very happy to have such an enduring relationship of trust with them.

From January to September 2011, prior to the deli range launch, Xavier David donated €5,861.23 to WHH towards the Tajikistan project.


For every Kilo sold of Xavier David’s Cheese range, we will donate € 0,25 to the charitable association Welthungerhilfe.

This year, in combination with its deli products launch, the Xavier David brand is  donating 1% of its turnover straight to the charity.



Welthungerhilfe is one of the largest private relief organisations in Germany and is broadly anchored in society through member organisations, donators and sponsors.

It was formed in 1962 and since that time has helped over 40 million people in Africa, Asia and Latin America with private donations and public benefits in some 5800 projects.



Welthungerhilfe commits itself to guaranteeing food for all, to developing agriculture and preserving natural resources. It allows people in developing countries to fend for themselves, both now and in the future. Welthungerhilfe works eye to eye with the people involved - competently, reliably and openly.



In septembe 2000, 189 leaders and heads of government agreed on eight objectives millennium to be affected before 2015. From this concept, Welthungerhilfe decided, fine 2005, to launch the initiative of villages millennium.

The principle: a clean initiative based on the development of the auto-assistance.


To find out more about Welthungerhilfe visit: www.welthungerhilfe.de

Catch up on the news about the project in Tajikistan and the survey performed in Bolivia : www.facebook.com/XavierDavidSelection