Xavier David


Select, respect, communicate

Xavier David products have only reached such international fame thanks to the care we place in selecting the products that make our name. They are the fruit of intensive research which only stops once the highest quality level is reached.

Our selection is first and foremost about know-how. Our products are made according to ancestral traditions or in surroundings where tradition and modernity work in perfect harmony.

Our selectivity is applied to the quality of the product and to researching partners and their commitment to Xavier David values: respecting terroir products, remarkable taste properties, simplicity, tradition, natural, fairness… Product selection is also about the people, the producers who embody Xavier David and will build the future of this brand of excellence. This approach is at the heart of our selection process.

Our approach naturally implies an interest in sustainable, fair and social development. Most of our partners have adopted green measures, the others are involved in organic or even biodynamic farming! In the same vein, our partners, when they can, are committed to fair trade.

The Xavier David spearhead is all about respecting artisans and small producers as well as production techniques. Our aim is to help our suppliers access the export world.

In addition, we have also chosen to help the cause of the German humanitarian organisation Welthungerhilfe. Through concrete assignments, this organisation has been helping disadvantaged populations and helps with sustainable development for the inhabitants to live off their lands and the fruit of their labour.